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Interoperability Webinars

  1. The SHARP Common Type System for Clinical NLP (Stephen Wu, Mayo Clinic.) Recorded 2014/02/25.
  2. A (single) recording of two presentations
    "CDA+GrAF: A Standards-based Data Model for Clinical NLP" (Stephane Meystre.)
    "Supporting Non-NLP Experts in Creating Annotation Schemas for Extraction of Clinical Concepts" (Wendy Chapman.)
    Recorded 2014/03/21.
    To download just the slides, without hearing the recording, use these links:
  3. BioC: a minimalist approach to interoperability for biomedical text processing (Don Comeau.) Recorded 2014/03/38.
    BioC powerpoint
  4. Pragmatic Interoperability and NLP Ecosystem (Dr. Qing Zeng & Guy Divita.) Recorded 2014/04/02.